You are almost out of time.

We have been running out of time since the day we were born unfortunately. You are only allocated so much and then its over. Bleak, I know-but true.

So........How much do you have left?

How well will you spend what remains?

The fortunate ones have the luxury to decide how they will spend their remaining years.

Some people have either saved/inherited enough money to decide exactly what they want to do to fully maximize what they consider to be worthy activities that will bring themselves or others joy. Others can't afford to. They have to continue working, sometimes 10-12 hour days to pay bills so as to not end up living in their car or in bankruptcy.

Perhaps though, even the less fortunate ones still have choices of how much/many material possessions they opt to hang on to. There is often a direct relationship between debt and how many hours a person works and thus away from family.

If you retire at age 65, you will have worked 1/3rd of your life, slept 1/3 of your life and NOT worked, 1/3rd of your life. So sleeping and working take up 66.66% of you LIFE.

You can't take it with you they say about money, so work less-if you can. Spend more time with family and doing things YOU want to do. Downsize your debt. The time to use your time wisely is now/today-don't wait until its too late.

Take responsibility for your actions and reactions to everything that happens to you daily.

Don't act the victim even when you are truly/literally a victim of a crime, how you respond/react to this event has myriad alternatives. You can dwell, sulk, get depressed, curse God, or move on.

Move on because the other choices don't help you at all.

Have perspective: When you look at your life (and you are still alive-bonus) do you still have it better than most? Do you have your health? Do you have any family? Are you employed? Do you live in a house or a car? ok-move on.

Shit happens. Sometimes, it's some serious shit. I know, I'm sorry. It sucks....really...I'm sorry. let's get after enjoying the hell out of this awesome life because you are almost out of time.

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