What’s up with “Dry January”?

I am ok with it. I aspire to not drink for a month just like all the other over sauced individuals out there. I can do it. I would like to do it. The point is obvious right?

The doctors say: Two drinks for men, one for women...good for you! The residents in “Blue Zones” are found to drink two glasses of red wine daily and their only other beverage seems to be water. Heart healthy!

So then I guess the reason we aspire to go dry, would be to prove that we can. It can’t hurt. Having a couple of “adult beverages” sure does relax you....helps you doze off to sleep....(but it wakes you up at 4 am to pee).

There is power in “community”. If you are striving for a challenging goal alone, it is harder to reach the finish line than if you are doing it with someone. It’s not going to work if your significant other enjoys a crisp Chardonnay with dinner and you are drinking water out of a sippy cup.

But alas, the New Year approaches and we had such a shitty year that suffering a little to achieve a pseudo healthy goal seems easy now.

Make your resolution- make it challenging, cause there is nothing you can’t handle now.

Happy New Year!

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