Voulez vous coucher avec moi?

Did I snag you in with that sexy one liner? Translation needed? Didn't think so.

I love most things French....How many commonly used French word can you identify in the following story I wrote?

I had a rendezvous with a friend. I needed a tete a tete .

I wanted a critique of haute cuisine I was planning. I figured that since she constantly displayed Haute couture with her silhouete magnifique that she would understand my raison d’etre and be able to help.

We started with an aperitif, then an Hors oeuvres. The concierge recommended the soup du jour-said it would be the piece de resistance!

We sat comfortably on the faux leather seats lookinDig at the stucco façade-weird décor…when the waiter said: Excuse moi…but is this your attache on the ground? Yes of course- I’m not an idiot savant he responded. What a femme fatale I said out of the side of my mouth.

Time to leave-don’t need a déjà vu right now.

Being an entrepreneur and wanting to get familiar with her silhouette, I gifted her a tasteful yet playful black lingerie. She gazed deep into my lustful eyes and said: Carte blance mom Cherie. So I called the chauffeur and warned her to be “en guard” even though it was cliché.

The very attractive chauffeur (female) asked if we needed a third while listening to that song: voulez vous coucher avec moi se soi…We obliged and enjoyed a blend of three grapes (menage a troi).

Oh the joi de vivre.

Au revoir

How many? Answer in Comments.


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