My dog my teacher

Again with the dog stuff? I know, a tad repetitive-I'm sorry.

It just came to me about 45 minutes ago while listening to a book on mindfulness and meditation (something I have always wanted/tried to do unsuccessfully).

The dog not by choice, but by instinct, practices some behaviors that we all should work on:

  1. Being in the moment-Not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow, just relishing this moment now as the only important thing happening in your life. Treating the people around you with great attention and showing them your appreciation by licking their feet (kidding obviously) but perhaps by making them feel incredibly important to you.

  2. Patience-dog waits patiently for you to let him back in from the yard, by his leash for you to strap him in and all day waiting for you to come home. We start leaning on the horn the minute the guy in front falters to hit the gas when that light turn green.. take a breath-focus on the breath

  3. loyalty

  4. Protect the ones your love. Many ways to protect.

  5. Get excited to see your loved ones-give them a big fat hug or lick their face

When you cook, try not to focus completely on the dish you will ultimately assemble-take each prep item as a pleasurable task and get in the moment with the cutting, slicing, sautéing etc. I know, who has that kind of time these days? can still move and groove-just pay attention and clear your head from yesterday and tomorrow-then remember when eating to chew 20 times :)

A nice Chardonnay helps as well. My current favorite in the "value" category is called StoryPoint out of Sonoma

I am doing a video tonight on Gluten free pizza-available one day on u tube and my website.


P.S. I am stocking my website "store" with some of my favorite kitchen stuff. Soon you will be able to purchase these items for yourself or for gifts!




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