Happy Monday 9/14: French cooking/every day terms and part two of Food E quiz

Updated: Sep 14

Yes, I speak French but you have been as well whether you knew it or not. There are so many words that we have plucked out of the French language and use daily-not even knowing (in many cases) that their origin is French. So play that game with friends and family. When I do, I have one rule: No Food! There are just too many and its too easy.

Example of non-culinary terms to warm you up to the game: Deja vu, Rendezvous, Ensemble, Silhouette, Nouveau riche, cliche, decor, cul de sac....and the list goes on (I will post more next week)

NOW, the culinary/restaurant terms and food:

Saute, flambe, brule, soup du jour, haute cuisine, prix fixe, a la carte, sommelier, Amuse-bouche, bon appetitie, a la mode, mirapoix Foods: Crepe, filet mignon, charcuterie, baguette, Croissant, Eclair, Bisque, bouillabaisse, creme brulle.

Part 2 of Food E quiz:

Define: Sous-vide cooking method, chiffonade cut style, what is the crema in your coffee?, what makes black pasta black? What is a roux?

If you are a true food e, you have or do most of the following:

1. You know what wine to pair with your dinner, 2. You read food magazines 3. You watch food network 4. You enjoy shopping at farmers markets 5. You have made home-made pasta and bread

6. You own good knives 7. You can use chopsticks 8. You can cook a perfect mr steak 9. When in a restaurant, you suggest everyone order something different so you can taste 10. You have fresh herbs in your kitchen

Ok, enough! Until next week...I hope you stay away from the french fries but not the french kisses.

P.S. What is the name of the dish pictured above? Hint: Answer is in above text somewhere...

P.S.S When you blend three wines together some could call that a manage a trois (blend of three), when you enjoy life we sometimes say "joie de vivre" , would it be "cliche" to say that after an "aperitif" you might offer "carte blanche" to your date in hopes of getting a favorable answer to the question: "Voulez vous coucher avec moi?"

Au revoir


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