Please read this blog to your dog........

Updated: Oct 2

I remember my mom saying repeatedly: "slow down and chew your food!"

We all know that we should chew about 20 more times each bite than we do. Why don't we?

My dog really needs this advice.

I discovered something unexpected while eating lunch today- The pleasure in eating occurs in two places:

The chewing/tasting the food and the swallowing. The swallowing has no flavor-it just feels good and slowly fulfills your need to not be hungry. We all "over eat" which creates a different discomfort...Hmmm...

So back to the chew-the longer the food stays in your mouth, the longer you are able to taste your food.

The more times you chew, the more flavor you get. More food bang for your buck! When your jaw starts to hurt from chewing so much, you naturally take a break. Hmmm...good for you to slow down right?

I wonder if food that has been chewed well, almost liquefied, is easier to digest?

Zen and the art of digestion and flavor maintenance

Mindful eating?

Put a raisin on a plate. Look at it. Notice the wrinkles. Touch it-notice the texture.

Don't put it in your mouth yet. Notice the geometry. Smell it. Raise your hand toward your mouth in slow motion. Place the raisin in between your lips and hold it there with your mouth. Drop your hand.

Hold it there. Let it fall in to your mouth. Feel the saliva accumulate. Taste without biting. Bite and chew slowly. Notice the sweetness and consistency. Chew it at least 15 times before it completely disintegrates and simply slides down your throat into your body.

Talk to the person eating with you........

Bring a little of the above without its exaggerations to each and every meal and see what happens

Jesse-the once "speed eater"

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