I Feel lonely

at times. I imagine every single person on the face of the Earth at one time or another or often, feels lonely. It doesn't feel good, but it's good to realize it is a shared emotion with all human kind. Not talked about much though...

Solitude: Being alone. Now I like this! I currently live alone and really enjoy it. We all understand the pleasure in doing our own thing, day dreaming, reading, silence, music, singing when nobody is listening, walking around the house naked, napping.

Can you feel lonely while married with a constant companion? Oh yes. Been there.

There is probably a nice size group out there that might read this blog that are "looking" for that special someone and you, like me, might be bumping 60 years old. We used to go on dates before Covid, now maybe phone dating (not sexting), and would find ourselves with people that were ok, but to think of having them move in to our house? Not so much. Maybe you will get lucky and find your soul mate and want their company 24/7. Don't think it will happen for me.

What I want is a travel buddy! That happens to be sexy.

Seriously, When we feel the need to connect with people, we need to sometimes step out of our comfort zone. Join a group: book club, language club, sexual orientation club, cooking club....anything to create a ritualized connection with others. Get out and meet your neighbor.

Being alone is ok-lonely hurts, solitude rocks-most of the time.

I have cooking classes with live Zoom interaction starting Next Monday when my "expensive" new website is published. Hope to see your face and throw down in the kitchen with you.


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