How to possibly keep up with vitamins and supplements? 9/21

Updated: Sep 20

If you order iced tea or water in a restaurant, don't get lemon or if you do, ask for the lemon on the side.

You want the citrus but not the dirt that has been found on most lemons in restaurants. Lemons are rarely washed (they are- in my restaurant) and then the server uses their hands to place that lemon in your water? (Not in my restaurant).

You DO want the citrus though. Matter of fact, you want the citrus on everything! You have to get the vitamin C these days.

If you are concerned you are not getting enough, take vitamin C supplements. If I get cold symptoms (these days-with Covid out there) I take the following: 6 thousand milligrams C and 120 mil Zinc in the morning, 4K mil vitamin C at noon plus 90 mil zinc and then before bed-6K C and 120 Zinc

6k/120m C/Zinc



Covid concerned?

Vitamin D: Get out in the sun. If you cannot, take a D supplement if your doctor agrees

Your best medicine is food. Studies have shown certain foods are good for certain health issues, so google those foods, make a list, keep it on your fridge and get disciplined. I have high blood pressure, so I need to focus on: Beets, leafy greens, nuts, Blueberries, banana, avocado, mushrooms, sweet potatoes.....and the list goes on. So what do you do? Simply take the list to the grocery store and buy everything!

Half our problem (speaking for myself) is that we are busy and simply don't stock our fridge and pantry with ONLY the foods that act as medicine. Since there so many delicious ingredients out there, why not choose only what your body needs.

Don't worry about waste. The tiny fraction of your money wasted pales in comparison to the money you might spend in medical treatments in the future if you don't medicate your vessel properly with-food

Buy organic when you can-tiny price difference-don't hesitate-always!





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