Foodie quiz #3 9/28

Updated: Sep 27

Food Quiz at the end.

My sister spends a great deal of time reading and studying the topic of health. I trust her and she has done the due diligence of investing the time necessary to become an expert on the top of vaccines.

There is mercury in the flu vaccine. Mercury is really bad for your body. Just google.

If you take a flu vaccine, it will be harder for your body to shift to fight the Covid 19 strain.

There is a 99% plus chance of survival on Covid-so why would you take a vaccine that could give you M.S- two people in the trials did.

All the animals in initial trials of other Covid vaccines died so this time around they decided not to test animals

Over a billion dollars has been paid to flu vaccine cases that went to court. Estimate is only 1 percent of adversely affected people sued.

Why would you trust a pharmaceutical company exempt from all liability?

Stay healthy-vitamin C, get sun or vitamin D, reduce alcohol, reduce weight, quit smoking (I can help)

Ok. Take a deep breath.....exhale slowly......let the above sink in. Clear the head.....think about that thing only second to! Ok continue reading.

Food E quiz!!!!!

  1. What is "haute cuisine"?

  2. What would be the main difference between a flan and a crème Brule?

  3. What is mirapoix? Hint: the holly trinity of food

  4. What herb must be involved in Bruschetta? Margherita pizza, Pesto?

  5. What is sweet bread meat?

  6. What is Squab?

  7. What is tripe?

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Enough for this week. Eat exotic things when possible.....don't put mysterious crap in your body





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