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Foodie quiz
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Have you tried and can you describe:

Buerre blanc: Butter, white wine, shallots, citrus, cream sauce

Gastrique: Sauce made of equal parts vinegar and sugar

Ceviche: Raw seafood that cooks in the citrus while marinating

Truffles: Tuber from the ascomycete fungus-found in close association with tree roots

Poutine: Cheese curds and gravy over french fries

Escargot: Baked snails

Fois gras: Duck or goose liver sold whole or in mouse, parfait or pate

Paella: Spanish seafood rice dish made with saffron and a variety of seafood and sausages

Beignets" New Oreleans "pillows" of fried dough- powdered sugar a plenty

2. Do you understand the difference between:

Saute- You know Brulle- Flame to burn crust Flambe- Flame to burn off alcohol Broil: heat coming down Boil- h2o Bake- surrounded by heat Convection- A fan blows hot air around Conduction- Transfer of heat via direct molecular collision Conventional ovens- fan blows cold air

3. Define:

Aperitif: A drink before the meal to stimulate the appetite

Au gratin: Cheese and bread crumbs

A la carte: Has its own price (means "to the menu"

prix fixe: One price for the dining experience

Charcuterie: Variety of meats and accouterments

Aioli: Garlic mayo

Confit: Cooked in duck fat




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