83% happy

You might be happier than you know

Happy: Standard dictionary definition: Feeling or showing pleasure and contentment

I think there is more to it. There are layers imbedded in happiness that when all "in sync" create the total package of happiness.

Some key words to consider:

Contentment: willing to accept something-satisfied. Example: Not lonely all the time.

Joy: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness

Fulfillment: the achievement of something promised or predicted

Pleasure: a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment

Ecstasy: An overwhelming feeling of great joyful excitement

Self Actualization: The realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentials considered a

“drive “or “need” in everyone

Ok, lets figure this out. Let’s create a Baseline:

1. Your Health is pretty good-not going to die in the next two years

2. You are not in a screwed-up relationship

3. You don’t have too many people “terminal” that you love

4. You have enough money to eat and to sleep under cover

5. Your kids are doing ok

6. You have some free time

What did I forget? If the above are in check, you should be somewhat happy. Are there degrees of happiness? Sure.

16% happy: Content-do you have a support group and accept life in its current condition

33% happy: Content and experiences of Joy

You can feel Joy during Happiness, when something good happens out of the ordinary. Complements from a boss or friend, watching a nice movie, seeing a loved one do well watching a puppy video

50% happy: Content, Joyful and Fulfilled

Fulfillment: You decide to read two books a month, exercise, eat better, call your mom more. Done! Accomplished-fulfilled-Proud of yourself

66% happy: Pleasure

You can definitely have this in many ways. Food, entertainment, physical, etc. It’s fleeting but can re occur.

83% happy: Ecstasy:

It happens more for some, but a very nice explosion, usually of pleasure that doesn’t last long but we sure do look forward to its recurrence and that adds to happiness

100% happy: Self Actualization

All of the above plus...self actualized

Not all will get here. In order to feel this, you have to either be in the “hobby” job (where your work is your hobby and you love it) or have enough money to not be working but doing exactly what you have always wanted to do. The money alone won’t do it, but if you have ANY interests, you can achieve this one.

Are you happy? Somewhat? I hope so.

What percentage happy are you?

PS I am 83.33% happy-glad to tell you what is missing but you have to ask!


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